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Velas Resorts - Av. Cocoteros, 98 Sur, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit 63735
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19 Jan 2024
Posted by
Irma Islas

New Year, New You at Casa Velas

In recent years, the concept of ‘holistic health' has gained widespread popularity as an increasing number of people seek to explore the art of living well. This concept views the human being as a whole, addressing physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual aspects.


New Year, New You Experience

Recognizing the significance of holistic health, ABJA Spa seamlessly blends ancestral wisdom and ancient healing practices with the latest international wellness trends, offering you more than 60 treatments for this unique experience. The package includes accommodation in the Presidential Suite, a ceremony with a shaman in the meditation garden, a private yoga class, and access to the Spa's hydrothermal circuit.

The Spa treatments incorporate fresh herbs and organic ingredients cultivated in the hotel's botanical garden. The hydrothermal circuit begins with a steam room infused with the aroma of eucalyptus, enhanced with chromotherapy, followed by a pressure shower, sauna, and jacuzzi.



To further enrich your experience, you will have the opportunity to receive a blessing from a shaman in the "labyrinth of the elements," which takes place in the meditation garden. In line with the wellness theme, you will also experience "taco therapy," an innovative gastronomic option that combines ingredients known for their well-being properties and brain health stimulation. Instead of the traditional corn tortilla, these tacos are wrapped in lettuce, which helps improve sleep quality and promotes relaxation due to its lactucarium compound.


With this experience, we aim to offer exceptional wellness treatments and provide a transformative encounter that nurtures every aspect of your being. Discover a sanctuary where body, mind, and spirit find harmony. 




Pictures: Casa Velas


Welcome to a world of serenity and rejuvenation at ABJA Spa!