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Blown Glass in Velas Vallarta
27 Feb 2019
Posted by
Velas Resorts

Blown Glass in Velas Vallarta

Every Sunday, Velas Vallarta celebrates Mexico with a grand fiesta held in the Convention Center, complete with traditional dishes, music and folkloric dance. It is known as the best Mexican Fiesta in the area, and as part of the cultural offerings, you'll find products made by local artisans, including live glass blowing by Luis Rosas Rivas, with painting by his cousin Juan Carlos Balseca Rivas. During the fiesta, this team of local artists custom-creates figures according to guests' specifications.
Luis Rosas' family business is located in the Puerto Vallarta Centro, next to Café de Olla restaurant. His passion for art and blown glass began as a child, and at age 18, he was able to make it his career and livelihood.
The offering is another example of Velas Resorts' commitment to showcasing the local art and fashion of Mexico, and is a great opportunity to create the perfect souvenir.